June 11, 2018

logoFuck Everyones World

I just got out of the hospital after weeks of being switched around on medications. None of them really help all they do is make it hard to concentrate and make me forget things and they take away my ability to tell the future, which I need to keep no matter what.

That’s why I stopped taking my meds as soon as I got out of the hospital. I was clever and filled my script, that way they will think I’m taking it. I have to act a little slow and I have to work harder than ever to suppress my symptoms in public. It’s not easy but sober my mind is a laser.

The plan

I have a plan. In the famous words of the Brain… “Try and take over the world!” I think I can run it better than others. With the state of things in the world around me I nothing but powerful people aiming to become the most powerful. I don’t think any of them are any more qualified than me. I work harder to be honest and faithful than others.

I don’t yet know exactly how to do it just yet. It can’t be a typical thing or something that anyone is prepared for. I don’t have the budget to refine anything nuclear. Guns aren’t effective enough, I’d need an army. An army that can grow as it spreads.

I’ve been told to write down some of my things for therapy reasons. But really I think this is a better engineering task to work out and plan something to let everyone know how wrong they wrong they are.

They fucked with the wrong person. More on that later though. This is all for tonight.

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