June 15, 2018

logoPrelim Phase

I must run simulations and cost / effect ratios on the most efficient method available to me. I am running on a tight budget. Until I can promo the idea more at least and find a sponsor I’ll need the best ROI I can get.

I believe in open source so I want to document some of the interesting, hard and not well documented domestic terrorism tactics. I wont hold back on technical details so if you aren’t into the inner workings this may not be for you, if you are into that, then welcome. I hope you make the info here yours.

Nuclear options are expensive. Warheads cost like $200 million. I can’t afford that. Chemical weapons are possible. I’ll need to research the precursor and equipment costs, but I doubt its 200 million. Poisons might be a good way, cyanide is easy to get, but hard to deliver over a large area. I suppose I could poison bottled water.

I need something with some serious terror in it. Something lasting. I think it’ll have to be bioweapons. Bioweapons spread on their own once released into the wild. Hrm, yes, this is a good idea. It could be a type of cleansing. How accurate could I get it? I don’t really want to make the ‘weapon’ specific.

A hobby of mine has always been biology. But for this I think I would need to go to school and do some studying. So I guess here is the first step.

Step 1

  • Get Money.
  • Go to college.
  • Get more money.
  • Construct clandestine lab.

This should be enough for step 1. It’ll take a while to build a lab, and while I do that I might as well be in school. I downloaded a few biology e-books. Maybe my next post will be a book review on good starter material once I do a little bit of reading and can do some reviews.

Step 2

  • Study.

I don’t know what goes after this, maybe someone can help me. I wish I could create a montage and just complete this real quick and go to what will probably be step 37. Thirty seven is a magical number. If I get to that many steps I will know in my mind and soul that the lord wants me to shed blood in the name of Christ. Amen.

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